Tooling around online today, I came across these images from French photographer Cédric Delsaux. Basically, what he's done is take Star Wars characters and vehicles, then lays them down in these dark, cold, desolate urban environments. My favorite photo is the one above of the Emperor's Imperial Royal Guards standing on top of some building. The bright red set against the dark gray of the sky is pretty breathtaking. Really digging these, and it almost makes me want to see a film where characters like Boba Fett are magically transported to modern-day New York City.

Of course, if a film like that ever were to exist, fans would literally lose their sh*t and probably murder George Lucas. Me? I'd see it. I don't take these sorts of things too personally. Now try to make a Back to the Future 4 and we might have a problem ... For more of those urban Star Wars shots, check out the gallery below or head on over to Cédric Delsaux's official website.

[via Slashfilm]
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