Forgetting Sarah Marshall is almost here, finally, and we'll get to see all of Jason Segel's "glory" as he deals with his bad breakup with Kristen Bell's Marshall. But this is just one of many diverse roles that Bell has taken on lately. She's electric and hot-headed on Heroes, dirt-digging on Gossip Girl, and sadly wrapped her investigation days as Veronica Mars last year.

But these aren't her first forays into the biz. Above, you can check out her one-episode stint in American Dreams from 2003, where she plays a young woman who has had an abortion, and now deals with the caring but judgmental opinions of Gail O'Grady's Helen Pryor.

But after the jump there's also Bell's first gig, even earlier, as an uncredited Teenage Girl in Claire Danes' 1998 film, Polish Wedding. She's just giggling and in the shadows, but you can tell it is Bell in all her tininess. From shadowy giggles to Segel's member, Bell has come a long way!

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