Spring has sprung, and while the rest of America books trips to Disneyland or goes mountain biking, or whatever it is normal people do, a very special segment of geekdom is setting to work. They are digging through fabric stores trying to find authentic velvets, combing leather outlets for hobnails and buckles, and studying the color variations of Hogwarts scarves. In other words, they are costuming. Conventions, Renaissance Faires and pirate festivals are just around the corner for a costumer – there are people pulling all night sessions on corsets and Iron Man costumes as we speak.

By now you're thinking "cosplayer weirdos!" and let me stop you there. First, there are two categories of people who do this – there are costumers, and there are cosplayers. Both categories have their share of the insane, but also many who are pretty cool. Like anything else, there is definitely a line with this hobby, and way too many people who have crossed it. Chances are, if you've visited a convention, Renaissance Faire, Hollywood Blvd., or watched Trekkies, you've encountered a few of them. Hopefully though, you've also encountered a few of the cooler ones and know that we are not all fruit loops.

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