We've got another surrogate movie on the way, but this one is free of the science-fiction spin. Variety reports that Fox Atomic has picked up the rights to Kathryn Mackel's novel, The Surrogate. Ralph Winter will produce the thriller, with Rod andBruce Taylor, who penned The Brave One, writing up the screenplay.

Now, Variety keeps the plot simple, saying that it "revolves around a couple who hire a surrogate to carry their child and find out mid-term that the surrogate is insane." But it's a little more than that. The couple, Kyle and Bethany Dolan, have hired this woman to carry their last surviving embryo. Laurel, the surrogate, seems like an ideal choice, being in med school and all, but she's actually "Sable Lynde" and the poor couple discover that their embryo is in a woman with dark secrets, who gets injured and lapses into a coma, and makes the hopeful parents "face psychological and supernatural forces they never knew existed." Way to pick a last-embryo surrogate!

Movies are just recorded pieces of fiction, but I have to wonder how many people get nervous over the whole idea of surrogates and adoption in the sea of crazy thriller stories and baby-plans-gone-wrong media plots.
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