OK, this is now moving beyond ridiculous and venturing somewheres towards Planet Absurd. Obviously I can see the creative / financial appeal in remaking something like Halloween, Dawn of the Dead or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. On the creative side you get to play around with one of the grand-daddies of the horror genre ... and hopefully you've got something new to add to the mix. On the financial side, remakes with semi-familiar titles like Prom Night, When a Stranger Calls, The Fog and The Hitcherare a quick way to turn a relatively easy dollar.

But a few of these remakes just boggle my mind. It's not a half-bad remake, but someone actually made another version of The Toolbox Murders a few years back. I guess I'm just surprised to learn that someone else besides me actually remembers movies like The Toolbox Murders, The Wizard of Gore, and The House on Sorority Row ... and not only remembers 'em, but wants to remake 'em!

Yes, the latest wacky word from the horror sites (beginning at Fangoria, I believe) is that the justifiably obscure 1983 slasher flick The House on Sorority Row is the next flick to be tossed into the remake mill. Written and directed by Mark Rosman (who ultimately went on to direct a lot of Hilary Duff stuff), HOSR is about a bunch of college girls who get slashed up after they cover up an accidental death. Surely a plot like this simply screams for a remake. According to Fango (and a website called TrackingB.com), the screenwriting team of Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger are on the job. They just finished writing the Piranharemake for Dimension, so I assume they'll soon be remaking Spasms, Humongous, and The Final Terror.
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