The man behind Election might not be heading to Hollywood yet, but he is heading to Europe, and he has a certain pirate in his sights. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Hong Kong filmmaker Johnnie To is heading to France to take on Red Circle, a remake of the 1970 crime thriller Le Rouge Cercle, and Wai Ka-Fai is developing it. So far, so funky, until you imagine that he wants Orlando Bloom to star in it.

I want to like Bloom. Really, I do. But the man just kills me. Rather, he has in his post-Lord of the Rings work. He inspired people to hope for his demise in Pirates, sunk with Elizabethtown, and is now being eyed to lead a crime thriller? A crime thriller that would have him star as a cool thief straight out of prison, no less. I just don't see it; he doesn't have the charisma for a tough thieving heist.

At least it's far from definite. To is said to have sent an offer to the actor, but negotiations haven't happened yet. Meanwhile, Chow Yun-Fat and Liam Neeson are in negotiations to co-star. Those two -- they sound just about right, but it makes me even more nervous about Bloom, who couldn't even begin to battle the presence of Johnny Depp. So, I ask you -- do you agree with To's selection, or can you think of someone better?
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