Stan Lee is one of the busiest guys in the world. He has to be. He's just involved in everything, and still manages to cameo in any Marvel movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lee is now paring up with Brighton Partners and Rainmaker Entertainment to launch Legion of 5, a new superhero property.

Legion of 5 is being planned as a series of CG animated films, but will be expanded to include games, online and mobile releases. Basically, wherever you go, there will be something Legion of 5. It could be ... like air!

Details of the storyline and the characters are all being kept under wraps. There isn't expected to be any kind of further announcement at New York Comic Con, where Lee is receiving the New York Comics Legend award.

It is so hard to make any judgment call on these projects when there's so little to go on. There's always part of me that wonders if these deals will actually come to anything, or if the $24 million being raised by all partners will just be spent on failed design concepts. Plus, anything with CG that isn't Pixar does little to excite me -- for some reason, I'm just seeing a superhero version of Space Chimps. I think I'm drinking too much caffeine these days.
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