With all the news bits about Cynthia Nixon successfully battling cancer a few years ago, and the fact that the movie version of Sex and the City will hit theaters soon, I can't help but think of the actress' first movie role -- playing Sunshine in Little Darlings.

Being a kid of the Poison Ivy camp movie generation, I didn't hear about Little Darlings until about 2001, when an old roommate of mine was shocked at the discovery that I hadn't seen it. In no time, we were slumped in front of the television watching Tatum O'Neal and Kristy McNichol fight to lose their virginity while at camp -- it was slightly more risque than my fave camp movie, which had entrepreneurial campers, color wars, and swimming drama. In Darlings, Nixon played a tow-headed flower child, and the clip above is one of my favorites, where she skillfully stops violence with vitamins.

For an added treat -- doesn't the guy that Kristy McNichol kicks in this clip remind you of McLovin?

Last Rewind Answer: Kristin Bell tried out for the part of Chloe Sullivan on Smallville.