Back in February, Uma Thurman surprisingly signed on to play Nanny in the upcoming film, Eloise in Paris, which is set to begin production this June in London, Paris, and New York. But before she begins filming that, Variety reports that the actress is quickly slipping another caregiver role into the mix -- a comedy by writer/director Katherine Dieckmann called Motherhood.

At least this flick will have her playing someone her age. (I still can't get over the fact that adapting Eloise's Nanny brought to mind thoughts of Uma.) She will star as "a harried mother of two prepping for her daughter's sixth birthday party as myriad urban challenges confront her," while Minnie Driver and Anthony Edwards will play her best friend and husband.

There's nothing like those pesky "urban challenges." Does someone steal the last package of fancy streamers or something? The shoot is scheduled to last 25 days, which gives her just enough time to wrap up before Eloise, and the film is said to be taking advantage of new Gotham tax incentives. While a fan of Thurman, I'm still wary of her comedic roles, so if you're like me, there's always The Life Before Her Eyes, which heads into limited release this week.

Ed note: Cinematical would just like to point out that it's awesome to have Goose back on the big screen. "More Goose!" we shall always shout from whichever rooftop will allow it.
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