Ah, this one just cracked me up. It's not terribly hilarious, but there's just something about Christopher Mintz-Plasse (aka McLovin) that gets me in the funny bone. His innocence, perhaps? Here's another (much funnier) one of those Public Service Announcements from Judd Apatow; this time Sarah Marshall herself, Kristen Bell, is featured next to Mintz-Plasse as she pleads for folks to give money to The McLovin Fund. Why? Well, according to her, Mintz-Plasse doesn't realize that he'll never work again. She says, "It's a tragic thing -- so often a young actor will hit it big right out of the gate only to never work again."

Poor McLovin. Good news is the dude is definitely still working. In fact, when I was down visiting the set of Year One in Louisiana, our man Mintz-Plasse was there as well, rehearsing for his very funny part in the film. However, Bell doesn't think he has a shot -- she thinks he'll wind up doing RV shows, crack cocaine and ultimately prison. Sad indeed. Check out the video above. Oh, and no -- unfortunately Mintz-Plasse does not have a cameo in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so get that out of your head.