... and the chicks for free? Having just tackled 21, the MIT card counting story starring Jim Sturgess, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that screenwriter Peter Steinfeld is going back to the world of easy money, but this time, it's even easier. He's going to adapt a lottery scam memoir published last September called Money for Nothing for Warner Independent Pictures and Maguire Entertainment. Yes, that's Tobey's company, which is really racking up the projects lately.

This time around, Steinfeld takes on the story of Edward Ugel. There are two sides to this coin. On the one side, there's Ugel's addiction to gambling. On the other is his job -- one that doesn't require a great brain and intricate math, but rather the ability to be convincing.

Working for a company he calls The Firm, his job is to go to lottery winners and convince them to take a smaller, lump-sum payment from his company, while the business then takes in the rest of the coin. Where 21 preyed on rich casinos, Ugel's job is to prey on the poorly educated and impulsive winners. However, THR also says that he then pocketed "a good chunk of change for himself in the process." Big money and gambling addictions -- you can imagine how this will play out.
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