After being a disco roller rink creator in Broadway's Xanadu, reports that Cheyenne Jackson (United 93) is joining a new indie film called Shifting the Canvas. Cabin Fever writer/director Chuck Griffith is bringing the feature together, which "tells the story about a group of artists living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn who struggle to maintain a rather dysfunctional family of friends in a post-9/11 world challenged by gentrification, deception, and sterilization." More specifically, it's a city story of bohemians in Brooklyn, art, relationships, and all that metropolitan flavor.

Jackson will play Jens, a young, gay, Wall Street type who comes to New York from the South, and struggles to adapt to his newfound sexuality. But he's not the only guy attached to this feature. There's Kids in the Hall alum Scott Thompson, John Paul Pitoc, who dated Claire in Six Feet Under, Gedde Watanabe -- better known as Long Duk Dong from Sixteen Candles, Matthew Montgomery, Erykah Badu, and more.

Production on the feature won't begin until June 1. However, one Mr. Duk Dong does have another movie coming out this week that you can check out. He's playing the Hotel Manager in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
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