It's almost Friday! ...and here are some casting nibblets courtesy of Variety:
  • After having to stare at Isla Fisher's god-awful get-ups in Confessions of a Shopaholic, Krysten Ritter is now getting a starring role -- and hopefully without the eye-sore fashions. (If you haven't seen them, consider yourself lucky.) Ms. Ritter, who has had stints on Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, and 27 Dresses is now starring in She's Out of My League with Jay Baruchel -- as the perfect woman, no less. The flick is about a normal guy who finds the perfect girl, but then begins to sabotage the relationship with his own insecurities and the influence of his friends and family.
  • Meanwhile, College Hill'sWillie Macc has nabbed a part in Chicago Pulaski Jones, that Cedric the Entertainer movie about a young dancer who is looking for money and fame, but must avenge the death of his uncle. While we don't know how this puppy will turn out, it will, hopefully, at least be better than Macc's last gig -- Meet the Spartans.
  • Finally, there's Rob Huebel. After getting the distinctive role of "MILF Island Host" on 30 Rock, he has scored a role in I Love You, Man, the upcoming comedy that has Paul Rudd hunting around and finding a best friend and best man in Jason Segel. Huebel will play "a handsome but cheesy co-worker" of Rudd's, and I guess a dude who doesn't make the cut.
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