It's almost like an episode of MTV's Cribs ... except we're on a movie set with Jon Favreau touring Tony Stark's fictional house. Yes, in case the 1,547 Iron Man trailers, clips, TV spots, images and posters weren't enough to hold you over, Yahoo has released a video featuring Favreau running around Stark's amazing house on the top of a cliff somewhere. In the video, they're at this real house as well as on a soundstage where other parts of his house are in the process of being built. In between the tour, we're also shown several different "trailer-ish" clips from the film for those who ... need to see more Iron Man? Anyone else feel like they've alreadywatched this film like ten times already?Yes, it looks like it kicks ass, but enough already. Cut it. Fade to black. Seriously, is there anything left to surprise us with? That said, a bit of a warning: There's a lot of Iron Man in this video, so if you're still trying to stay away ... don't watch.

The rest of Iron Man arrives in theaters on May 2.