So much for Henry Lee Hopper's acting debut. While Dennis' offspring had signed on for a part in Wes Craven's 25/8at the end of March, not even a month later, he's unfortunately out. In a really crappy bit of luck, Hopper has been brought down by mononucleosis. Poor dude. With that looming actors strike, Craven can't wait, so The Hollywood Reporter posts that they've got a more recognizable replacement for the would-be actor -- Max Thieriot.

The young actor is definitely doing a decent job finding roles to balance out his family fare gigs. While he's had parts in The Pacifier and The Astronaut Farmer, played Ned Nickerson in Nancy Drew, and has a place in the upcoming Kit Kittredge flick, he's just popped on the big screen in Jumper, has a part in Driving Lessons, and now may meet his death on the big screen. Thieriot will play one of seven fifteen-year-old kids who are haunted by a serial killer who was said to have died on the day they were born.
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