You know, I am pretty happy to be me. But every once and awhile, I see something like this, and I am possessed with fury that I wasn't born Nicole Kidman -- or at least an Australian actress who could have stolen the part from her. Damn. That photo is just all kinds of sexy. And there's more gorgeous stills from Australia over on as well as a few over on the film's official site.

ITunes and 20th Century Fox have also paired up to bring ten Set to Screen with Baz Luhurman podcasts, which document all aspects of the upcoming film. This actually debuted yesterday, but because I couldn't access the podcast, there wasn't any way to properly write about it. If you're as technologically ill-equipped as I, the podcasts have been put up on MovieWeb. There are two up now, and both are worth watching for the gorgeous scenery (no, I'm not talking about Jackman) and the glimpses of the film. The one on still photography is especially stunning -- pure art!