In the last few years, Sophie Monk has starred in Date Movie (ick), had a part in Click (eh), and then Sex and Death 101 (Waters/Ryder reunion...yay!). She's also finished filming three new films -- Spring Break '83, which has her starring with Jamie Kennedy in a retro high school bullying story that sounds like a Dazed and Confused wannabe, Pearblossom, which has her being a reawakened dead lesbian, and Spring Breakdown, a Rachel Dratch story about thirtysomethings partying with co-eds.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Monk is also going to get her date on in new writer/director Leah Sturgis' upcoming film. She has signed on to star in Hardbreakers, an indie comedy that focuses on a few "hot single girls" dating in Los Angeles. Her character will be Lindsay Greene, "an outgoing, fun, and crazy 25-year-old who has been with a lot of guys." Uh, okay.

I imagine the thing to note in this flick is that it's called "Hard"breakers, rather than "Heart"breakers. Is it safe to assume that these two young women, one of whom has racked up a lot of practice, have a habit of inducing a certain colored genital condition? And who will be Lindsay's partner in crime? Stay tuned!
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