Do any of you remember Teen Witch? I definitely didn't until I looked up the cover and remembered that it was that, well, teen witch story -- a girl finds out she's a Salem witch descendant and has special powers. It starred Robyn Lively, it came at the end of the '80s, and it pretty much tanked. Heck, remember Lively? She got to star in The Karate Kid, Part III, and be an extremely seductive and enticing old man chaser in Twin Peaks, before taking on a number of short television stints and low/no buzz movies.

But now she can say that she's paved the way for Ashley Tisdale. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Teen Witch is getting remade by United Artists, and Ms. High School Musical Sharpay Evans is in negotiations to star. I've got to wonder: who on earth picked that movie out of the rubble to remake?! Did someone at UA have a guilty pleasure, and always dream of remaking it into something a little bit more successful? At the very least, it's a potential remake that shouldn't ruffle too many feathers... unless there is a huge Teen Witch contingent out there lurking in the shadows?

No writer has been tapped to update this puppy yet, but in the meantime, Tisdale is still busy. Aside from HSM, she's been talking to the Disney Channel about making a new show about Tisdale's early life, pre-stardom, when she worked at a mall. (Sweet! Maybe we'll get Forever 21: The Musical. And it'd be about damn time.)
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