Continuing our pre-coverage of the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, above you will find a clip from the indie film Tennessee, aka that flick co-starring Mariah Carey as a struggling singer/diner waitress. The clip originated over at New York Magazine (where you can also find clips for a few other Tribeca films), and the sound is a little off-sync in the conversion above. Tennessee isn't all about Mariah, though, as it centers on two brothers who embark on a journey from New Mexico to Tennessee to find their estranged father. Adam Rothenberg and Ethan Peck play the brothers; the film was directed by Aaron Woodley from a script by Russell Schaumburg.

Despite a very successful music career, Carey has yet to break out in a big way on the big screen -- with films like Glitter, Wisegirls and State Property 2 not doing much to bolster her appeal as an actress. However, sometimes a role in a small indie film can help a career find its way back on track, so we'll see how far Tennessee takes her. For more on when it's playing and where, check out the film's Tribeca fest page here.