Considering how much can go wrong in a filmmaker's career, it's always nice to hear a success story. Varietyreports that Universal has hired Australian director Shane Abbess to helm the sci-fi thriller Source Code. Universal picked up the rights to the film back in 2007, but the project sat on the back-burner until now. Abbess is a relative newcomer who made his name directing commercials and his feature debut was the 2007 Gothic thriller, Gabriel. The film was financed, written, and directed by Abbess, and told the story of an angel in purgatory. Oh, and something about 'bringing the light' and saving souls.

Code will be a time-travel story, but so far Universal is keeping the details under wraps. Ben Ripley (the writer behind such classics as Species III) has already penned a spec script, but there is no word on whether Universal will be using his draft. Originally, Topher Grace had been attached to produce and star in Code, but there was no mention of Grace in the latest notice. Code is aiming for a 2009 release, but Universal might want to stay away from May, otherwise they're going to have some stiff 'time traveling competition' in the form of Terminator 4.

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