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I think this photo is officially the funniest still I have seen from a movie, ever. was sent four photos from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skullfrom an unknown source. They are quite grainy, so I bet they were scanned in from some kind of companion book.

There's a very classic and iconic one of Indy cracking his bullwhip -- and I very nearly posted it, but we've seen that before. What we've never seen is a Russian Cate Blanchett getting sucker punched ... by Shia LaBeouf! It's like the entire Cold War boiled down to one single image -- you're going down, Communism! But if Irina Spalko is the uber-villain Lucas and Spielberg say she is, there's no way she's going to take that from Mutt Williams. (Then again, if Rocky IV taught us anything, it's that Russians can be beaten by much weaker opponents.)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
(sucker) punches its way into theaters on May 22.

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