Say it ain't so, Dr. Jones! Entertainment Weeklycontinues their coverage of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with a very in-depth four-page spread on the film; including interviews with most of the cast, as well as this little nugget from Harrison Ford with regards to the death of Indiana Jones: "A death scene for Dr. Jones? That would never happen, Harrison Ford assures us. He remembers trying to persuade Lucas to kill off his Han Solo character in the second or third initial Star Wars movie, insisting it'd make for a better story. ''You don't need him,'' says Ford. ''He's got no mama, got no papa - out there all by himself. He's a piece you can move around or get rid of. But I couldn't get George to go along with that. He didn't want to stop making the toys.''

George didn't want to stop making the toys. I love it! In addition to fun little facts like that, EW has revealed two new photos from the film (included in the gallery below). The entire article is definitely worth a read, though Lucas still sounds like an old bitter dude when it comes to films that are overly-hyped: "All I'm saying is, I have been there, and I have walked through the valley of death on highly anticipated sequels." Always the negative one ...

May 22. Indiana Jones. Are you there opening night ... or what?
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