What will movie blogs the world over do without any casting rumors or excruciating setbacks (or April Fools jokes) to report about George Miller's Justice League? We're about to find out, because producer Joel Silver told CHUD that the adaptation has been "tabled," meaning it's not going to happen any time soon. This ends -- at least for the moment -- breathless speculation about who would play which of the dozens of superhero characters in the cast, how blasphemous the screenplay would turn out to be, and when it would actually start filming.

The production was so embattled, by all accounts, that it sometimes seemed like no one wanted to either make it or see it. So maybe this development is for the best -- though I do hope that George Miller comes back if this project ever gets revived. He has the uncanny ability to turn any genre (including, incredibly, the big-budget animated musical) on its head, and comic book movies could use a shake-up. And maybe the new incarnation, whenever it surfaces, can be something that fans can actually get excited about. If you're making a superhero movie and can't even get the geeks on board, you're probably in trouble.
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