After so many headlines across the Internet screaming "New X-Files Photo!" and finding it to be the same broody shot of Mulder and Scully at a desk, it came as a real surprise to find an actual new photo. This comes by way of DVD Forum, who always seem to get their hands on tasty new images (check out a second image after the jump).

This photo is quite intriguing -- ShockTillYouDrop did a set visit where a religious element was mentioned, but with so much smoke and mirrors, it was difficult for them to take anything at face value. Unless Scully is working at a Catholic hospital (and that is a real possibility with her background), then the stained glass back there would back up such a storyline. And it fits with that new I Want to Believe title, doesn't it?

Additionally, our friends at XFilesNews share with us a brand new plot summary coming via the back cover blurb of the novel for the film. To avoid spoilers, we've posted it after the jump. Let us know what you think. Sounds creeeepy ...

The X-Files: I Want to Believe opens July 25th, 2008.

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