Continuing along with our pre-coverage of the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, above is the trailer for The Objective; directed by Daniel Myrick (co-director of The Blair Witch Project). This one has a very strange vibe to it; it's set in Afghanistan three days after 9/11 and it revolves around a group of Special-Ops soldiers and one reporter on a mission for Al Qaeda weapons when they "find themselves lost in a Middle Eastern 'Bermuda Triangle' of Ancient Evil," so says the synopsis on YouTube. From the looks of the trailer, it has a Predator meets Blair Witch Project in Afghanistan feel -- which, honestly, is pretty damn cool. Karina over at Spout says, "... it looks like Myrick has dropped the shaky-cam, subjects-as-spectactors-as-hunted faux-documentary thing in favor of stable cameras and polished HD." No snot or motion sickness? We're SO there!

For more on The Objective, check out the film's official Tribeca Fest page.