Whatever the final verdict onIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, its legacy has already solidified with the rumors paving the way to its release. We've already taken a look at the unlikelihood that Harrison Ford's character will die in the film, but you can go way back to last year for rumors about whether or not Shia LaBeouf was actually part of the cast. The more interesting questions are the technical ones: Is this movie really over two hours long? Will early buzz hurt the movie? And is LaBeouf the next Jar Jar Binks?

Well, that last one isn't exactly technical, but that's precisely the important distinction that Variety reporter Anne Thompson offers up on her blog, giving a fairly comprehensive rundown of the various Indy rumors and determining their validity. She thinks Steven Spielberg is setting himself up for a letdown, but there's no question that the movie is going to bring in the big bucks. Still, since most people already feel like they're reliving the experience of the earlier films just by hearing John Williams' score and spotting Harrison Ford wearing that famous fedora in the trailers, some potential audiences may decide they've already seen it by the time it opens. Does any of this really matter? History will record the fourth film as an oddity in Spielberg's career, if only because the director chose to revisit a character after such an extensive hiatus. That, more than anything, guarantees the movie an ongoing lifespan.

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