It's here! The day Frank Miller is going to make or break it on his directing debut. Oh, I know it is only the trailer -- but we all know that enough bad buzz on a comic book property (especially one as beloved as The Spirit) could sink it long before its release date.

The trailer comes to us by way of MTV so unfortunately we can't embed it. I barely caught the damn thing before it flashed off the main page. It looks very very Sin City -- which has already caused no amount of criticism. But I can't deny that I think it looks pretty intriguing. Maybe it's just that oh-so-sexy tagline. The Untouchables music is a nice touch, too, but also jarring. It started making me think of that movie instead of the trailer.

So, nothing new really -- Miller may be getting a fanboy reprieve. I'm in your corner though, Miller. The Spirit comes to the theatres January 15th, 2009.

Thanks to our reader Electrix for sending us the YouTube link! Now no one has to spaz out clicking the MTV link, and our international users can get in on the fun.