With a title like Into Hell, there are lots of plot possibilities, many of which revolve around actually going to hell. But that's not quite the case this time around. Would you have ever linked hell and "English soccer hooligans"? The Hollywood Reporter posts that Bold films is taking on this link with Into Hell, an action thriller that will be written by Dominic Morgan and Matthew Harvey.

The story focuses on this group of "English soccer hooligans" who head to Istanbul for a soccer match. "The gang soon finds themselves in over their heads, however, when they get framed for a political assassination." Now that's a crappy piece of luck, and a lesson to us all about the dangers of being a hooligan.

It seems that producer Ian Carrington has helped to develop this with an old friend in mind -- Jason Statham, who currently manages and plays for the United Hollywood soccer team. The plan is to show the action star the script once a draft is done, but there is no word about what sort of role he would play if the script interests him. Will it have a soccer star who is also some covert ops dude that sets out to help these poor fans? We'll have to wait and see.
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