And, thankfully, she's doing just fine, so that headline isn't as tasteless as it could be. The forty-three year-old star and her husband, television actor Jesse James, were on the receiving end of a drunk driver's negligence on Friday night in Massachusetts. Both vehicles were moving slowly, and nobody got hurt. The inebriated man responsible, however, surely has some issues to work out. Maybe he can get some pointers from the truck driver who slammed into Stephen King back in 1999. Incidentally, in both cases, the injured celebrities offered their sympathies to the people behind the accidents. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bullock was "gracious" and concerned for the driver's safety.

The actress is in Massachusetts filming The Proposal, the third feature from 27 Dresses director Anne Fletcher, in which Bullock plays a powerful member of the publishing industry who forces her assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her so that she doesn't get deported to Canada. Meanwhile, she stars opposite Thomas Haden Church in the romantic comedy All About Steve, which hits theaters sometime this year. Two rom-coms in a row? Well, it's not like Miss Congenialityis in any danger of getting typecast. Still, when was the last time Bullock had a role in something that got much attention? Don't know? It was Crash.
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