The vast majority of the WGA's 12,000-plus members patiently stayed away from their word processors during the recent three-month writers strike, notwithstanding dwindling finances or a threat to their careers. But a few members decided to go "financial-core," an irreversible decision that made them only limited, non-voting members of the guild and allowed them to return to work. (This, if you recall, is the move George Clooney made, before the strike, in response to the WGA's decision to deny him credit for the Leatherheads screenplay.)

On Friday, the WGA sent a letter to its membership that praised the writers for refusing to work, "[i]n the face of enormous personal and financial hardship," for the good of the union. It then went on to chastise those "puny few" who "consciously and selfishly decided to place their own narrow interests over the greater good." It urged that these writers "must be held at arm's length by the rest of us, and held accountable for what they are -- strikebreakers whose actions placed everything for which we fought so hard at risk." The letter ended with a link to a website containing the names of the 21 writers who opted to become financial-core members.
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