There's all sorts of films that focus on reunions and old friends reconnecting. You can dip into the world of The Big Chill; you can drool over the Cowboy in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion; you can go back to camp with Mike Binder's Indian Summer. They reveal the ways people change, how innocence gets lost, and the insidious buzz of nostalgia. And now, reunions are going to get a bit more deceitful than little lies about post-it notes.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Dean Cain and Jay Thomas are in final negotiations to star with Teri Polo (who has already signed on) in a new ensemble film called Material Lies from writer/director Katherine Starr. Cain is set to play a struggling actor named Josh who learns that he has leukemia. Upon hearing this news, he decides to set up a reunion weekend for him and his college friends, which includes his former girlfriend Ginni (Polo), who he hopes to reconnect with.

But here's the kicker: "He plans to portray himself as wealthy and successful, and Frank (Thomas) agrees to help him." Well, I guess if you're going to concoct a scam to get the girl, it's good to have the leukemia back-up when the plan ultimately backfires in your face. How mad can someone get when they hear the big secret? Production on the film will begin this June in Malibu.
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