This news is actually more than a few days old -- and it was so buried within a Jennifer Garner press release that I just missed it. No matter, I'm sure it's new to most of you.

According to Variety, Garner has signed a first look deal with Warner Brothers for her Vandalia Films, and one of the upcoming films on her slate is 3 Days in Europe in which she will co-star and co-produce with Hugh Jackman.

Europe is a romantic adventure about a couple embroiled in danger and excitement on what was supposed to be their perfect Valentine's Day vacation. It's based on the graphic novel by Anthony Johnston and Michael Hawthorne. (And published by Oni Press, who just sold The Damned last week, as reported by Scott Weinberg, as well as Scott Pilgrim. ) No director has been named, and no start date. Given how full both actors' slates are, it could be awhile.

Of course this is based on a graphic novel! Jackman is addicted to them. He's obviously given up his plans to revive the musical (drat!) and is just going to adapt all things comic related. In lieu of this information, I've decided I am going to give up my Cinematical gig and write a graphic novel about a 20-something chick who has a specialty in Anglo-Saxon literature, and ... well, I'm still working out the middle. I'll need someone to do the illustrations, but we'll have a buyer.

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