By now, we're all pretty familiar with the film and television system, and the fact that for every awesome break-out story, there's many others suffocating with struggle. But it looks like those days are over for a new indie film that took over seven years to make. Variety reports that Julian Kemp has finished shooting My Last Five Girlfriends, a romantic comedy that stars Naomie Harris (Tia Dalma from Pirates), Cécile Cassel, who played Petrovsky's daughter in Sex and the City, and Brendan Patricks.

Loosely based on Alain de Botton's Essays in Love, the film is an "exploration of how modern urban relationships go wrong." The film has gone through a number of financial backers, "dozens and dozens of drafts," and then finally got somewhere when writer/director Kemp and producer Michael Kelk took things into their own hands and got Girlfriends filmed. The production was originally budgeted at $15 million, but they did it for an impressive $6 million. It certainly sounds like a DIY production, and Variety says: "A skeleton crew scrambled to capture more than 300 scenes across 70 different locations, reflecting Kemp's take on the frenetic pace of life and love in the big city."

It's nice to see that patience and determination can pay off. The film is scheduled to be finished this summer.

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