Laura Gemser appeared in a long string of Italian softcore films as Emanuelle. Note that the name is spelled with a single "m" to differentiate the character from the one appearing in the official Emmanuelle films that began in 1974 and originally starred Sylvia Kristel (though Gemser appeared in a small role in the original series' sequel Emmanuelle 2). Gemser's Emanuelle films were often from the seamier side of the exploitation spectrum. Emanuelle in America, for example, saw the title character investigating the production of snuff films and featured scenes of hardcore sex (without Gemser) and a dalliance with bestiality that makes the donkey show in Clerks 2 seem Disney-esque.

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (a.k.a. Trap Them and Kill Them) saw the softcore porn series crossing over with the cannibal film craze of the time, and the film we're here to discuss today, Women's Prison Massacre, brought the character into the women-in-prison genre. This entry in the series is directed by Bruno Mattei, a man of staggeringly little talent. Admittedly, his ultra cheezy post-apocalyptic epic Rats (for which he used his frequent pseudo name Vincent Dawn) is a guilty pleasure of mine, but other films of his like Virus (a.k.a. Hell of the Living Dead and Night of the Zombies) sap my will to live.

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