During the South by Southwest Film Festival, short filmmaker Behn Zeitlin was in a terrible car accident on the way to the screening of his film, Glory at Sea. Zeitlin shattered his hip, which had to be replaced, fractured his pelvis, and sprained both ankles. The director, who did not have medical insurance, now faces over $80,000 in medical bills.

Even in the midst of transitioning into a new gig, outgoing SXSW head Matt Dentler is on the ball with this. SXSW is trying to help Zeitlin out, by hosting two benefit screenings on April 29 at everyone's favorite Austin film venue, Alamo Drafthouse. The screenings will show shorts by Zeitlin and some of his friends. Austin's a great film town, so I hope all you Austinite film buffs and filmmakers will get out there on the 29th and give some support to Zeitlin. And hey, it's at the Drafthouse, so you can enjoy some great shorts, support a filmmaker, AND get yourself a yummy dinner and one of those awesome five-dollar milkshakes or brown-sugar lemonades. Check out the screening details here.

We at Cinematical wish Zeitlin well, and hope he has a speedy recovery.