Egads! Is that Evan Rachel Wood dating Larry David? Did she give up on Marilyn Manson? Alas, no. What you see up there is a picture from the set of Woody Allen's new film, which is one of a handful that have popped up on Just Jared. If these are any indication, this untitled romcom could be a good and quirky movie. Wood has that youthful maturity to her (which I imagine is what drew Manson to the actress), and even in crazy stripes, she looks completely comfortable alongside David.

Unlike Woody's recent forays, which seem blissfully free of old men with young women, Woody has dusted off an old project that he had planned to star in himself. However, since he now thinks he's too old, he cast Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame, to get the young, female action. At this point, all we know is that there's some May-December romance going on, and that Henry Cavill (The Tudors) has nabbed a co-starring gig as a man who gets set up with Wood's character by her mother. Man, she must love David if she's willing to give up Cavill for him.

The film is currently shooting in Manhattan, so if you're in the Big Apple, keep your eyes peeled for David and Wood eating knishes and getting romantic on the Lower East Side.
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