So you know how Judd Apatow is slowly but surely becoming the next Jesus Christ Superstar and all? Well, what about you? Yes, you -- the guy who recycles the same three pairs of sweatpants and screams bloody murder when he forgets to DVR Beauty and the Geek. Here's an idea: What if you were able to create your own Judd Apatow movie? Not only would it make lots of money and be hella funny, but I bet you'd be able to score dates with Kristina, Leticia and Amanda once they're finished with the show (oh yes, I watch too). Luckily for us, Cracked came up with a list of easy-to-follow instructions that way you (and we won't tell everyone you know) can make your own Judd Apatow movie. Here's a brief sample of what you'll need (via Cracked):

Difficulty: Can be tricky the first time, but once you've got the hang of it, you can pump them out yearly.

Time: 6 months (4 hours for scripting and casting, a weekend for shooting, and 5 months and 28 days for editing, advertising and "make 'em wait" time).

Things You Will Need:
1. A beloved failed TV show from which to pull your cast
2. A thorough knowledge of basic sexual slang (for help with this, see my other manual, "From Pearl Necklaces to Donkey Punches: the Eight Comedic Sexual Maneuvers")
3. A disdain for continuity
4. An old High School yearbook from which to pull ideas and characters
5. A shitload of film to allow actors time to improvise (ie, "write the script")
6. An understanding of improvisational comedy that entails two guys speaking in unconnected one-liners
7. Paul Rudd's phone number
8. A giant bag of weed (usually Paul Rudd can provide this)

Head over to Cracked to read the rest -- and definitely let us know the name of your Judd Apatow movie when it's done, as well as how to find it. (Oh, and don't thank us -- thank comedy.)
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