I saw this floating around several different websites over the weekend (I believe JoBlo first pointed me there), and, at first, I totally thought they had discovered some real girl who looked exactly like Jessica Rabbit. Yup, I just about freaked. Then I began reading the post and realized this dude (or dudette) created the image above using photoshop (click to enlarge). Oh well. She looks pretty damn real, though, and this person over at Pixeloo has created similar pieces for both Homer Simpson and Mario from Super Mario Brothers. The Homer one just freaks me the hell out, but the Mario one is pretty spot on.

Oh Jessica Rabbit ... how come we only had you in our lives for one feature-length film and three shorts? Which animated (or video game) character should Pixeloo tackle next? Personally, I'd love to see one of the South Park kids, like Cartman. You? (Additionally, for those curious, you can head after the jump to watch a sped-up video of the first hour of this Jessica Rabbit creation. Very cool stuff -- check out which popular actress is used to help make Jessica Rabbit a reality.)