After a weekend of reading and writing things New York ComicCon, I can't help but think "Hooray! Pixar!" with this. If you're craving some Wall-E, Disney has you covered this week with a little clip entitled "Wall-E vs the Magnet." No plot spoilers, no extra details, it's just Wall-E in all his adorableness. Watch the clip here.

I wish I could understand how Pixar managed to make a character so instantly endearing. The movie could completely let me down, but I will still be all melty and sniffly at the sight of his limpid eyes. He just strikes such pity -- and in this new clip, it is because he seems so high strung. Life seems very dramatic for this robot -- and he's definitely the brother of R2-D2. Listen to his beeps! (They share the same father, Ben Burtt, or at least in the sound effect sense.)

Incidentally, I didn't realize what a voice cast this had. I knew Fred Willard was in it, but Sigourney Weaver? Wouldnit be cool if this movie was full of sci-fi nods? It probably isn't but seeing Ripley pop up in anything outer space related is always cool.

Wall·E opens June 27th, 2008.