Wow, that Hulk issue of Empire is just chockablock full of eye candy, isn't it? Not only is it full of the big green guy, but there's new pictures from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. You can see a few more over on Empire Online, a convincing sell for you to check out the whole feature. I am deeply unsettled by this glimpse of Obi Wan Kenobi -- I can't put my finger on why. He looks kind of like a Lego.

Additionally, MTV Movies snagged a cool update on the Star Wars live-action television series. Steve Sansweet told them that the series will indeed "involve some characters we know" and be "of epic scale." More promising, though, is that the show will delve into the "greasy, seamy underbelly of Star Wars." That just sounds incredibly cool. In my youth, I was really into all those spin-off Star Wars novels and it was always great fun when Han Solo, Leia and Luke found themselves having to venture into the unsavory underworld. It was always so much more interesting than Luke recruiting young Jedis. (Check out Erik's Star Wars report from NY Comic Con.)

LucasFilm is hoping to get the series underway by next year, and debut it in 2010. And Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes to theatres August 15, 2008. It's so weird to have Indy and Star Wars (even if it's animated) released in the same summer, isn't it?

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