Ok, I am much younger than Stan Lee, and trying to keep up on all his production deals has me utterly exhausted. How the hell does he have the energy to keep inking them? I want whatever energy drink he's on.

According to Variety, Stan Lee has just agreed to pen a new stable of superheroes for Virgin Comics. There's going to be ten (count 'em, ten) new faces joining the world of comic books, through a series of graphic novels that Lee will pen and edit himself. Further character details will be revealed early next year, but the characters and books will also be tied into a series of short animated films that will be released online.

Virgin Comics is really growing by leaps and bounds. (Sir) Richard Branson formed it in 2005, and has inked deals with everyone from Ed Burns, Deepak Chopra, John Woo, Terry Gilliam, Nicolas Cage, Hugh "comic addict" Jackman, and Duran Duran to create properties for the label. (Duran Duran? Ok, I want that one right now. Please tell me it will explore the epic sci-fi story behind their song Planet Earth or reveal what, exactly, the Union of the Snake is.) Virgin is also aiming to make films out of most of the star properties -- no doubt Lee's 10 superheroes will eventually be among them.

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