I keep going back and forth on this whole Amelia Earhart project. On the one hand, I'm thrilled that her story is hitting the big screen. Amelia was one of the quintessential kickass tough-women, and one of my favorites along with the likes of Annie Oakley. But then Hilary Swank signed on -- a woman who can be an incredibly powerful actress and looks much like Amelia, but also really disappointed me with her Black Dahlia performance. Disappointing films are bad enough, but if the disappointment shatters your previous excitement, that's worse. However, this latest casting news helps.

Variety reports that Virginia Madsen has signed on to play Dorothy Binney in the film. The biopic, titled Amelia, will focus on Earhart's relationship with publisher and promoter George Putnam (Richard Gere), who she married, and Binney was Putnam's first wife. The reason Binney is in this story -- Putnam left her to pursue his relationship with Earhart. (Although to be fair, she was looking elsewhere as well.)

I can't wait to see Madsen in this role, but I wonder just how much of the flying Earhart we're going to get when everything is focused on the relationship between her and Putnam. Well, at least if they boil it down to only romance, it should still be interesting -- her ideas on marriage weren't exactly traditional.
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