Why We Can't Wait to See It: Because the first entry (Batman Begins) was so damn good: Dark but not dreary, long but not boring, filled with colorful characters but definitely Batman's show all the way. And now with all that origin stuff out of the way, we can just kick back and enjoy all the high-end Hollywood mayhem. Apparently this is what happens when you give big franchises to good filmmakers.

Why It Might Do Well: The first one did over $200 million domestic, which is pretty impressive for a 140-minute flick that's definitely not your typical "feel-good" action movie. (Just saying it's not as kid-friendly as, say, Spider-Man.) The viral marketing campaign has been in effect for what seems like three years, and I'm guessing the "name awareness" is at an all-time high for The Dark Knight. Forget "might," this is going to be one of the season's biggest behemoths.

Why It Might Not Do Well: Well, I doubt it will hurt the box office at all, but no matter how good the flick may be, it will always be a little overshadowed by the untimely demise of "Joker" Heath Ledger. But with all due respect to the memory of Mr. Ledger -- this movie's gonna be an absolute monster, money-wise.

Fun Fact: This is the seventh feature film inspired by Bob Kane's Batman character -- and the only one not to have the character's name in the title.


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