Why We Can't Wait to See It
: Pixar has a knack for offering films that appeal to both kids and adults. They also know how to give us irresistible animated heroes, and Wall E is no exception. This little bugger is insanely cute and has all the little quirks that make for a lovable robot and iconic hero.

Why It Might Do Well: It's Pixar. I know people who buy the movies just because they're from Pixar, even if they haven't seen them yet. The company is known for its lovable animation, and loyal fans will flock to the film, along with anyone who isn't interested in seeing Angelina Jolie's Wanted.

Why It Might Not Do Well: Rumor has it that just like the trailers, the film has very little dialogue. The question becomes whether mainstream moviegoers, kids and adults alike, will patronize and enjoy a film without a lot of words. Are cute bleeps and noises a suitable replacement for dialogue?

Fun Fact: The teaser trailer contains a clip of Michael Kamen's excellent score for Brazil. He was supposed to score The Incredibles, but passed away in 2003 before he could take on the job.


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