With a name like "Fear Phil," I can't help but imagine a comedic horror movie with a larger-than-life, bobble-headed Dr. Phil running around, spreading doctorly advice through an almost disembodied, booming voice, and killing those who don't follow his suggestions. (Or maybe he only kills those that do, so there's always more people for his talk show...) But this isn't about Oprah-loved doctors -- it's about those pesky, preying insurance salesmen.

Variety reports that Jack Angelo and Sam Brown's new comedy pitch Fear Phil has been picked up by Disney for Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot to produce. The film, which cost Disney high six against low seven figures, focuses on "an insurance salesman who makes a living preying on other people's fears, only to wake up and find that his own worst fears are coming true." Oh, the bite of poetic justice, or tide-turning karma.

There's no further word about the project yet, nor word on whether Shankman will just produce the comedy, or direct it as well. In the meantime, Angelo and Brown also have Undateable floating around on the Disney lot -- a film that was picked up just over one year ago. April is definitely their month of magic. Stay tuned to see what they sell next year!
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