In real life, when dudes get stranded somewhere, they might have to eat each other to stay alive, but they remain relatively amicable. Put some stranded men in a movie, however, and they go nuts. Riffing on the world of Lord of the Flies, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Regency has put down seven figures for an adventure thriller pitch by Sheldon Turner called Down River.

The film will focus on "four twentysomething masters of the corporate world." Being tough and all, they decide to go on a completely realistic, down and dirty adventure trip to the Amazon, rather than one of those carefully planned adventure tours that looks dangerous, but isn't. THR says that Turner created the adult Flies story "after hearing stories of studio executives crowing about their annual 'roughing it' nature trips that always ended up with the men retiring in the evenings to plush, Four Seasons-like lodgings."

"Things go awry when their tour guide is killed and the men have to face not only dangerous wildlife and tribesman but also one another." Well, you get what you ask for. Will we get a Ralph and a Jack? Or, will they all turn into savages and be equally dangerous? Whatever happens, it should be bloody and action-packed. Turner's pen has been hot lately, penning The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and X-Men Origins: Magneto lately.
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