The big question: if you were starving and stranded in the snow, would you eat your dead friends to continue surviving? It's the question often asked by those who have seen Alive or Stranded: I Have Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains. But that infamous Andes crash certainly wasn't the first case. There's also the story of the Donner Party. After some rumors back in February, Variety reports that Crispin Glover has officially signed on for a role in the film. They also say it has begun lensing, although IMDb and the Donner Blog say that the film is now in post-production.

The Forlorn
will focus on that doomed group of pioneers known as the infamous Donner Party. On their way to California, these pioneers get stuck in what is now Donner Pass. With the beating snow and the quickly depleting food supply, a smaller group called the Forlorn Hope (hence the film's title) whip up makeshift snowshoes and attempt to find help. Their food runs out, many die, cannibalism occurs. Those that remained finally find help and a number of relief efforts are made to save the pioneers at camp. The first group was lucky, weak, but lucky. After that, starvation again led to cannibalism and by the time the final relief effort reached the camp, only one man was alive.

There is no word on who Glover will play, but the rest of the cast, led by Christian Kane (Lindsey from Angel), have their roles listed on IMDb. However, the list of character names doesn't reflect a lot of the Wiki summary and timeline, so I'm not sure if these names are actual Donner Party people, or made-up characters. Whatever the case, it should be an interesting and creepy tale -- but one I doubt will be a true and thorough examination of the story.
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