Here's a story for the little girls out there. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Handmade Films has cast the lead in their upcoming adaptation of Eloise in Paris. Eloise is to be played by young Australian actress Jordana Beatty. That's her to the right -- and doesn't she look the part? She'll join Uma Thurman, who is playing Nanny. (Miles away from the way Nanny was illustrated in the books, at least from what I remember.)

Beatty has been acting since she was four, and was cast after 4,000 other hopefuls had tried out for the part. Filming is to begin August 12th in New York and Paris.

Handmade is hoping the Eloise films become a franchise. There are certainly enough books to keep them going. The Eloise series was penned by Kay Thompson, and illustrated by Hilary Knight. They follow the crazy adventures of Eloise, who lives in the Plaza Hotel. She's largely unsupervised, except for her poor Nanny, and runs wild with her pug, Weenie, and her turtle, Skipperdee. They were published in the 50's but remain popular, as they have that Home Alone vibe without being annoying. The illustrations are charmingly retro. Buy the treasury for your daughter if you haven't already.

No word on release date, except that we should see it in 2009. Charles Shyer is directing. If they need a cheap and handsome pug to play Weenie, I have one who's dying to be a household name.

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