This one is likely to be less controversial than Brett Ratner's forthcoming take on The Incredible Shrinking Man, but it may still offend some Brian De Palma die-hards. Fox has commissioned a remake of The Fury, which was De Palma's follow-up to Carrie back in 1978. Based on a book by John Farris, the movie dealt with a telepathic teenager and nefarious government agents' attempts to use him for weapons experiments. Looking back, it bears more than a passing resemblance to Stephen King's Firestarter novel (if not the Drew Barrymore film), though that was published after The Fury was released.

Speaking as a De Palma fan, I'm not terribly offended by the prospect of a remake -- I think that The Fury is one of the man's less memorable films. (Case in point: I saw it less than two years ago, and I barely remember it.) The new movie will be written by newcomers Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman, who got the job on the strength of an unproduced spec script. Let's hope this doesn't wind up being in the vein of the cheap-and-quick PG-13 horror we've been seeing a lot of lately.

As for De Palma, he's still licking his wounds after the beating that Redacted took, and reportedly mulling an Untouchables sequel.
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