I was beginning to think that the big-screen adaptation of Dolan's Cadillac had once again slid into development hell. First there was Kevin Bacon and Sylvester Stallone. Then, last February, Dennis Hopper was in talks to play the mob boss, and production was going to begin that Spring. Now, we've got a new cast and a new start date.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Christian Slater, Wes Bentley, and Emmanuelle Vaugier will star in the feature, which is being whipped up by Film Bridge International. This is, most definitely, not a cast I would have thought of. Dolan's Cadillac is a thriller about a man (Bentley) who is distraught when his school teacher wife (Vaugier) is murdered. She has seen a mobster, Jimmy Dolan (Slater), kill someone in the desert, and before she can testify against him, she is murdered. The widower then plans to get revenge on the Las Vegas mobster and his silver Caddy.

To think that I thought Eminem and Hayden Christiansen were an odd match. How on earth do you get from Hopper to Slater? I'm sad to say that this sounds like a desperate rush job now. I love Slater, and have really enjoyed Bentley, but this feels so very second-string. The new production start date: May 14.
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